Gail and Grandaughter Alexis on our beach


La Rosa de las Barras is a dream-come-true for American entrepreneur Gail Blackburn.  In 2002, Gail came to Mexico from Washington state to visit a friend who lives in Mazatlan, and she never went back.   She discovered the small fishing village of Las Barras, an hour north of Mazatlan, fell in love with the community and bought a home on the beach.

Gail is a former organic farmer and remodeler who delights in creating beautiful homes and gardens. Her work for the past several decades in California and Washington gave her the skills and vision to create a beach front wonderland, which for the past several years has served as a welcomed retreat for her children, grandchildren, sisters and friends living in the States. Gail eventually bought two more properties in Las Barras and, in 2007, decided to open up her home on the beach for Mexicans and Americans who wanted an authenthic and peaceful beach experience - away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of a big city. 

Gail continues to enjoy her home in Las Barras and hopes you will find the town as delightful as she does.