Adventure awaits you in the Barras de Piaxtla!

 You will find no high rise hotels, nightclubs or tourist souveneir shops here and very few tourists.


Barras de Piaxtla is a small fishing village of around 450 people one hour north of Mazatlan in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Although they now have electricity and running water, the people here live much as they have done for hundreds of years, fishing and ranching.  Many of the houses are still made from small sticks cut from the local woods and woven into walls.


The Punta Piaxtla, which has one of the only lighthouses in Sinaloa, points directly north creating a perfect protected bay for fishermen to harbor their boats.  Here you can watch them bring in the daily catch from the rich fishing grounds of the Gulf of California.



You can also enjoy the beautiful fine sand beaches and the spectacular cliffs from where you can see a beautiful natural arch known as La Ventana. 


Brown pelicans are the most common birds here, and in the afternoon hundreds of them fly overhead on their way to rest for the night on the small islands near the shore.

The Punta Prieta with Arch